Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jennie L. Clark, Attorney at Law, handles Tenant cases in the greater Portland Area.

My initial consultation rate is $100.00 for up to one hour and $200.00/hour thereafter for landlord tenant cases if prepaid; Otherwise, 300.00/hour.  If appropriate, I sometimes write a letter within the first consultation to address issues.  After the initial consultation, I inform my clients whether or not I am willing to work on an hourly or the terms of a contingency fee basis.

Examples of tenant issues are as follows.

  • Deposit Returns
  • Eviction Defenses
    • Eviction Notice Defenses
    • Habitability
    • Retaliation
  • Failure to make reasonable accommodations for verifiable disabilities
    • Parking near residence for those with mobility problems
    • Service animals
  • Fire damage claims
  • Habitability Claims
    • Lack of Heat
    • Lack of Running Water
    • Lack of Sewer
  • Injury Due to Landlord Negligence
  • Water damage claims
  • Wrongful Evictions
    • Improper Lockouts
    • Retaliatory Evictions