Oregon / Washington Lawyer

Oregon / Washington Lawyer – Jennie Clark

Based out of Portland, Oregon

Attorney Jennie Clark handles cases in Oregon and Washington States.  Since Portland, Oregon borders Vancouver, Washington, issues of fact and law often overlap in the greater Portland/Vancouver areas.  Sometimes cases involve a factual situation in which the laws of both Oregon and Washington may apply. For example, a person may live in Oregon and have an Oregon auto insurance policy with excellent insurance provisions but get in an auto accident in the state of Washington with a driver with minimal insurance.  In such a case, there could be contractual legal issues based out of Oregon with the Oregon insurance policy for personal injury protection (PIP) claims and underinsured motorist (UIM) claims but tort claims against the at-fault driver where Washington State jurisdiction would apply.

Types of Cases Attorney Clark handles in Oregon and Washington:

General Civil Litigation Attorney Jennie Clark handles the following types of civil cases in Oregon and Washington state:

Criminal Defense: Jennie Clark, Attorney at Law, based in Portland, Oregon, handles criminal defense in the states of Oregon and Washington. She accepts criminal defense cases in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington & Columbia counties in Oregon. She accepts criminal defense cases in Clark County (Vancouver) Washington.