Portland Oregon Attorney Rates for Jennie Clark, Attorney at Law

  • For most personal injury cases, I charge on a contingency basis.  I charge a higher contingency fee percentage for those clients who do not forward the hard costs or if their case does not settle and needs to be filed.   I agree to forward the hard costs in some cases, but not others based on various factors.  Even if I initially agree to forward costs on a case, I reserve the right to cease forwarding costs at my discretion.

  • In some cases, there are statutes that provide for attorney fees if it is necessary to file a lawsuit.

  • For all other cases:

    Normal Hourly Rate is $300.00/hour

    Flat fee rates for a specific set of tasks.

  • Legal assistant rates vary.

    Please note that the above provisions are incomplete general provisions only.  My fee agreements contain additional terms for both attorney and client.
    Note:  Rates subject to change without notification on this website.