Expungement By Jennie L Clark

Expungement / Expunction in of Oregon Order Setting Aside a Criminal Conviction or Arrest Record

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Expungement Services:

For those who qualify, I can expunge your record, which means that I can prepare and file the all necessary motions, orders and affidavits and perform any necessary follow-up to ensure that your criminal record has been sealed before applying for the job or housing that you need.

We can even take your fingerprints at my office.  My office is located in Portland, Oregon.  However, I can accept a case regarding an expungement in Oregon in any county in Oregon, regardless of where you reside.


You may find answers to frequently asked questions about Oregon expungements. However, each case should be analyzed on an individual basis, for various provisions and exceptions exist in the the Oregon expungement laws, not fully articulated within this site.


Employment and Housing protection.  An arrest record or criminal record can often affect one’s ability to obtain housing or employment.

Please feel free to telephone Jennie L. Clark, Attorney at Law, for a free 10-minute telephone consultation to determine if you are eligible to have your Oregon criminal record expunged.

I mostly handle cases in the greater Portland area, but can handle expungement cases in all areas of Oregon. (503) 238-1010.