Expungement Rates

Jennie Clark Expungement Rates

Cost / Rate for Expungement of your Oregon Criminal Record

Convictions: $1,050.00 flat fee per case number expunged, which includes all filing fees and expenses, not to exceed $361.00. Additional cases involving different case numbers require an additional set of documents, filing fees and miscellaneous expenses; thus each case number is charged separately.

Arrests:flat fee of $850.00 per case number expunged.

Fingerprints: If you make an appointment to meet at my office, we will take your fingerprints at no additional charge. If you don’t live within driving distance of my office, you can usually purchase fingerprints for around $20.00 to $25.00.

Caveat: My attorney fee rate assumes that the motion is uncontested. If the motion is contested, then you will be billed hourly or given a flat fee rate. If a motion to amend an order is required prior to filing for an expungement, there will be an additional charge. An appeal will be subject of a separate contract. The above rates are subject to change without notice on this website. Only a signed fee agreement is binding. For updated rates, please call: (503) 238-1010.

Payment Methods: Cash, check and credit card.