Lawyer for Deschutes County Dog Bite

Dog Bites Deschutes County Oregon

Relevant portions of the Marion County Oregon dog bite statute located at:

Deschutes County Codes
Deschutes County Code Chapter 6.08   

What kinds of laws does Deschutes County Oregon have in relation to dogs?

Dogs may not run at large.  Deschutes County has laws against allowing dog run “at large” which means a dog or other animal is found off the premises of the owner or keeper while the dog or animal is not under the complete control of a capable person.

Dangerous dogs must be controlled.  (See Chapter:  6.08.070)

Owners may not allow their dogs be a nuisance in the following ways:  (See Chapter 6.08.050)

1. Bites, injures or attacks a person;
2. Chases vehicles or persons;
3. Damages or destroys property of persons other than the owner of the animal;
4. Scatters garbage;
5. Trespasses on private property of persons other than the owner of the animal;
6. Disturbs any person by frequent or prolonged noises;
7. Places a person in reasonable fear of imminent physical injury, when such incident takes place off the premises of the animal’s owner or keeper;
8. Injures or kills an animal or fowl belonging to a person other than the owner or keeper of the animal;