Landlord Tenant Attorney Portland Oregon

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jennie L. Clark, Attorney at Law, handles Landlord Tenant cases in the greater Portland Area.  Under ORS 90.255 cases litigated under the landlord/tenant act are subject to reciprocal attorney’s fees, meaning the loser could be required to pay the winning party’s attorney fees and costs.  Thus, it is important to have qualified legal advice from an attorney who is insured with professional liability insurance.

What are my rates? 

  • Initial consultation $300.00 for 1st hour
  • Standard rate:  $300.00/hour

Tenant Representation:  If appropriate and time allows, I may write a letter to your landlord in an attempt to resolve matters within the first hour of a consultation.  If the initial consultation and/or letter does not resolve matters I will often make an offer of representation based upon your case.  The following are examples of the types of fee arrangements I offer:

  • Prepaid hourly rate
  • Flat fee or reduced hourly rate with the right to recover full hourly rates from the opposing party with the goal of Client reimbursement for any prepaid attorney fees.
  • Contingency fee agreement where Attorney accepts a percentage of the settlement
    • Note:  Contingency fees may be offset by attorney fees awarded or negotiated as part of a settlement.  If attorney fees awarded or negotiated exceed the contingency fee percentage, Client will pay no contingency fee percentage and Attorney shall receive the full attorney fee award.
    • Note:  Most contingency fee cases require that no settlement is accepted unless Attorney’s normal hourly rate is paid unless:
      • Client pays Attorney’s normal hourly rate
      • Attorney consents to a fee reduction
    • Contingency fee percentages are lower for Clients who forward litigation costs.

Landlord Representation:  Unfortunately, I cannot offer contingency fee rates to landlords tenants are tenants because they generally don’t have local property in which to place a lien for collection purposes.  Thus, my hourly rates listed above apply.  It is important that you receive qualified legal advice to avoid paying a tenant’s attorney’s fees and costs.  Landlords commonly fail to meet the notice requirements under the landlord tenant act or fail to adequately address tenant’s complaints about their tenancy, which can be costly to landlords.