Stalking Order Appeals

Stalking Order Appeals

How long do I have to appeal a permanent stalking order? 30 days.  Thus, if you wish to appeal a stalking order, you must find an attorney quickly.

Why appeal a Stalking Order Case?If you do not appeal in a timely manner, your case is forever lost.  Stalking orders are permanent.

Rates: I generally charge a $6,000.00 retainer to begin working on an appeal.  I charge my hourly rate against the retainer.

What kinds of appellate cases do I accept?
I will consider accepting any stalking appellate case if I determine that there are relevant issues for appeal. I am happy to accept a referral from your trial attorney who can brief me on the appellate issues.  I have represented at the appellate level and prevailed on a stalking case.  For the privacy of my client, I have not mentioned the case name.

What other factors determine whether or not I accept your appellate case? Naturally, there are deadlines involved and I have to determine whether or not I can fit your appeal into my caseload.